Multiple Intelligences – A Field Guide by Marek Bennett

By Liisa Sorsa | Comments 0

I found this graphic a few weeks back when I joined Pinterest. I thought that this graphic was a perfect way to explain how visuals can be very powerful way to communicate. In this visual, you can see that the artist used very simple stick figures to explain each section. As a graphic facilitator, I can appreciate this simple style, and find it very useful. We often get caught up in making everything colourful, or even more stylized. But, this graphic proves that a simple stick figures are just as effective.

A lot of people have approached me over the years after I’ve done my live graphic recording and say “I could never do that…I can’t even draw a stick figure!” As flattered as I am to get the compliment…I know that we all learned to draw stick figures growing up. I think that it’s just a matter of letting go of our inhibitions, and GO for it! As children, we used to be so confident in our creativity and we felt free to express ourselves in pictures…it’s time to take some of that back!

You will find that when you draw out your ideas, even in a simple form, it will help you communicate your ideas in a way that words just simply cannot do. I usually suggest that you start to doodle in your journals…take them with you to your meetings…draw little icons, and practice! You will find that the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become. The next thing you know…you’ll have people asking you to take their notes for them… and better yet, you can encourage them to do the same!

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