Markham 2020 City of Markham

At the Markham 2020 event Mayor Frank Scarpitti joined Presidents of York University and Seneca College, the Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist, TD Bank Group, and the Former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of Scotiabank to answer the question: “Markham 2020: What’s NXT?” They discussed the exciting news about the new campus of York University @ Markham Centre, global competitiveness, and innovative business ideas that will help sustain Markham’s growth.

It was great to hear about how York U’s new campus will have new and innovative workspaces for student to experiment, build out ideas, and really treat this space as what they are calling “The Sandbox”. York University and Seneca College are moving towards a more ‘connected’ campus and really focussing on fostering learning in different ways to suit different learning styles.

Erica Bota and I graphic recorded this in tandem because we wanted to have each graphic recording completed at the end of each panel, which can be hard to do if you’re also trying to keep up with the pace of the speakers. As I recorded the conversations and drew images, Erica coloured and added her own images to the board! It worked out perfectly because we had the first board completed as soon as they were done! Off the board went out for display during the intermission.