Visual Thinking Workshops

If you’re an artist, raise your hand!!

If you didn’t raise your hand, this workshop is for you! And if you did – it’s still for you!

Whoever you are, we invite you into the world of intentional doodling! Our workshop will re-ignite your creativity while enhancing your ability to communicate and innovate.

Have you ever drawn out your big idea for everyone to see? Was it nerve-racking? Embarrassing? Did you feel flustered?

We’re here to help.

We know the value of drawing in the workplace. Seeing an idea, in addition to hearing it, helps us understand, retain, and connect information. And it makes life way more fun!

We’ll teach you visual tools that are specific to the work you do.

You can expect to:

1. Learn the basics of visual communication

2. Practice turning complex concepts into simple graphics

3. Gain confidence in your graphic communication skills and your inherent creativity