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Graphics come alive before your eyes. We listen, synthesize and draw your ideas! Here's a few ways
how we can use visuals to tell your story! Our various services can help you to communicate effectively
while tapping into the creative side of your audience.

Graphic recording

Creating a lasting experience! We listen and draw out conversations, creating a visual artifact in real-time that your audience or participants will love and connect with.

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Visual Storymaps

Be more visual in your work! Create a detailed graphic by distilling your complex information into one visual you can talk to and share.

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Action Sketch Videos

Graphics come alive! Create engaging and compelling action sketch animations that will bring your story and vision to life.

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Thinking and linking

Stay connected to what the ThinkLink team is up to! This is our space to be creative and share some of our thoughts, our travels, and to just be free to love art!

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Do you want to learn more about Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording and Visual Language? We offer workshops at all levels to get your started.

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Rich Pictures

Need some illustration work? We can help. We can create a poster, or spruce up your presentation… or maybe you need a quick diagram for a presentation…this is what we do!

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Working with Disa and the team at Thinklink graphics felt less like a typical vendor/client relationship and more like a partnership. We all know that when you hire a provider or supplier , that intrinsically there is a desire to please the client (after all we are the customer! ) – But it never felt like that. The Thinklink graphics team was nimble , responsive and generous with great ideas and workarounds and displayed a quick to pick up approach on a topic that was not their subject matter expertise and a request that was far from an ideal minimum threshold to produce in time. With multiple iterations, many sources of input from our stakeholders and the added complexity of creating this bilingually – Thinklink graphics made it all come together with a final product that was cascaded to over 3000 employees – on time, on budget and on point. The reaction was immediately positive and memorable (exactly the results we wanted!). The topic itself was a challenge to make enticing – however the creative end result was polished and well received. It was all in all a great first time experience working with Thinklink graphics.

Erica Bota has helped Aboriginal youth in Ontario to tell the story of their health research. She is an inspiring woman who has an instant connection with youth. I watched her create a graphic story with dozens of coloured markers, but the most impressive part was what happened when she let the children of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory use the markers with her. Most artists would have been distraught, irate, terrified by this scene; but Erica empowered the youth to make it their own and the result was very special.

You ladies are rock stars! I wish I could promote you to EVERYONE I know.

ThinkLink Graphics has been instrumental to the success of the T1D Think Tank Network (T1DTTN). We are a start up not-for-profit with the task of making ourselves known in  a busy Patient -oriented Healthcare  environment on behalf of people living with Type 1 Diabetes.   The work of Erica Bota, in particular has become almost part of our brand – and a much anticipated key element  of all our programming.  The listening skills, integration with our members and talent to translate all our Insight Session discussions into meaningful take-aways are an integral part of the event “day of”.   Further, the out put from these important conversations have been transformed  into usable tools for follow up both as meeting summaries and  outcomes related tools such as our “Conversation Guide”.  Talented,  low maintenance, fast, efficient, professional and real nice people….

“Liisa is an extremely talented graphic artist and perfectly captured the discussions of our scientific meeting. She blew away our attendees and many of them requested her contact information for their events, even those in the United States and Europe! We have already used the posters she developed at several of our fundraising events and gala dinners. I highly recommend her for your event!”

Want to see some proof? See what markers can do in the right hands

The right hands These are the people that make it happen

Our team has over 25 years of experience combined. We are the people you need, with the experience you are looking for.

Liisa Sorsa
Co-Founder | Graphic Facilitator and Digital Artist

Liisa has been a doodler her whole life! From a very young age you could find Liisa curled up in a corner with her markers and paper…drawing a world of her own! Today, she takes those same skills and applies them to drawing out your ideas! Why the two “ii’’s in her name, you ask? Well, it’s Finnish – and her last name means duck in Finn. Quack!

Disa Kauk
Co-Founder, Graphic Facilitator, Video Producer and Operations

Disa has been a graphic recorder since the early 2000’s (unless you count the notes she took in school, then she’s been doing it since the 80’s!) Her style is bright and vibrant just like her! Disa produces our whiteboard animation videos, and keeps us all on track! She LOVES the colour turquoise and I caution you not to get in the way of her light blue markers!

Erica Bota
Graphic Facilitator and Marketing Lead

Erica is a doodle fanatic! She learned the practice of graphic recording while studying in Sweden and hasn’t put her marker down since. Her interests lie in climate change, community engagement, and…well…dogs. When Erica isn’t drawing, she’s outside running with her pup Oli and rock climbing!

Devon Kerslake
Graphic Facilitator

Devon started graphic recording before she knew it had a name! She holds her Masters Degree in Cultural Studies and is fascinated by graphic narratives and comics. When she isn't illustrating or scribing, Devon is making art with her three young boys in Guelph.

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