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Why you should hire a Graphic Recorder Canadian Business Magazine Interview

http:// Doodling during work might seen counterproductive, but it can actually be more helpful than you think. Or at least, that’s what Liisa Sorsa believes. Sorsa works for Toronto-based Thinklink Graphics—“You think it, we link it!”—a “graphic facilitation” company, where “professional doodlers” like Sorsa attend business

Dream Big

This was truly a beautiful event organized by very caring people. The purpose was to celebrate diversity, practice inclusion, and recognize the talents and abilities of all people. I was proud to have been there and to have my live graphic recording projected on a large screen on stage. I think the pictures and colours helped many in the room follow along with the empowering stories that were shared that night.

Kingsway College School

One of our favourite ThinkLink collaborations last year was working with the Kingsway College school teaching visual note taking to children. We ran a sketchnote camp and the teachers and students at KCS brought us in to be ‘artists in residence’ and help the kids with basic drawing skills

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