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Make it visual! Graphic Facilitation, also known as Graphic Recording or Sketchnoting, has become more and more recognized in the business world as a valuable tool.

How does it work?

Graphics come alive before your eyes. We listen, synthesize and draw your ideas. Graphic Recording is a visual technique used in meetings or events to extract key messages and themes as they unfold. It engages people in a creative and meaningful way that allows them to see the big picture. Invite us out to your next event. We will create visual notes for your teams!

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ThinkLink Graphics is a visual learning company. We are called sketchnoters, visual note-takers, scribes, or even visual gurus! :)

We have a passion for visual communication. Liisa Sorsa, the founder of ThinkLink started her career in graphic facilitation in 2003 with a major telecom company. She was part of a team that launched a collaboration centre to help the organization work more efficiently, to collaborate between teams, and to foster innovation in the organization. Liisa’s gained years of experience working on facilitation teams in consulting and IT.

Today, ThinkLink uses graphic facilitation to help organizations of all sizes get their message across in an effective, and memorable way.



Have better meetings with visuals. You talk…and we draw your ideas using visual notes! Key concepts and themes are captured in the moment and can be used as a graphic record of your event.

Do you have a presentation coming up? Turn your powerpoint presentation into something creative, meaningful and engaging for your audience. I will sit down with you and figure out how to illustrate your messages using visuals.

Do you have a story to tell? Story Mapping is a strategy used to unlock the plot and important elements of a story. You may have a concept in mind that you know would be more easily understood in a strategic model or cool graphic that can represent your thoughts! These elements can be represented visually through various metaphors and models.

Graphic Facilitation

It’s simple…ideas transformed into visual notes that you can share, distribute and communicate. Studies have shown that visuals help people to retain information….so, let’s get sketching at your next meeting!

Story Maps

These are big ideas you want to communicate to your organization. We work with you to create a visual map that helps to communicate the key concepts. The power of being able to ‘see what you mean’ all simply laid out in visual language.


Turn your presentation into something creative, meaningful and engaging for your audience. Change the way you do presentations and focus on the key themes and messages in visual way!






OCSA 2014

By Liisa Sorsa | Comments 0

The OCSA 2014 conference this year had some key themes that came out of the discussions. High Impact Leadership for Improvement and Innovation  Putting the ‘Care’ Back into Healthcare Quality in Healthcare: Challenge and Opportunity  From Evidence to Action: Unlocking the Power of Data in Home and Community Care 

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Sports Industry Conference 2015 – UofT

By Liisa Sorsa | Comments 0

UofT Students in the Sports Industry field (media, writing, etc.) put on an annual conference where they invite people to talk about the sports industry, and how it’s is evolving. Some of the topics included the new landscape that businesses need to adapt to in the sports industry. It’s no longer about just about sponsorship, […]

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By Liisa Sorsa | Comments 0

  The Sponsorship Marketing Council Canada hosted an Awards event. We had the opportunity to listen to some great speakers from Retail, Sport & Entertainment, Banking, etc. Below is a panel discussion from some of Canada’s top concert and event promoters. Edgefest…Boots & Hearts…Bonnaroo to mention a few! What a great day!  

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Screenshot 2014-01-30 11.11.52

Do you have Low Back Pain? Here’s our video…

By Liisa Sorsa | Comments 0

Low Back Pain, something that ails a lot of us! As a graphic recorder I can relate to some of these symptoms. I find that Dr. Mike’s advice on “Motion is Lotion” is truly accurate! The more I move, stretch or do exercise, the less my back hurts. If I am really hurting from standing […]

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Health Achieve Conference

By Liisa Sorsa | Comments 0

What a great conference and a great opportunity to work with Kathryn Maxfield, another awesome graphic recorder! Here are our graphic recording boards from the event. The highlight of the event for me was recording for Sir Ken Robinson, and then to have him come over for a photo!! We were invited to graphic record […]

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