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Creating a lasting experience! We listen and draw out conversations, creating a visual artifact in real-time that your audience or participants will love and connect with.

Why you should hire a Graphic Recorder Canadian Business Magazine Interview

http:// Doodling during work might seen counterproductive, but it can actually be more helpful than you think. Or at least, that’s what Liisa Sorsa believes. Sorsa works for Toronto-based Thinklink Graphics—“You think it, we link it!”—a “graphic facilitation” company, where “professional doodlers” like Sorsa attend business meetings

HR Conference Top Talent Summit

This recruiting conference brings together people from all over the world to share their expertise and knowledge on the top recruiting practices. Many of the speakers talked about Social Media, and the importance of connecting with people online. Facebook seemed to be a favourite tool to recruit and connect! [gallery type=”rectangular”

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