Neil Pasricha Graphic Recording | Three Ways to Engage the Brain

graphic recordingThis is an example of our Virtual Graphic Recording services. We have taken our practice digital! The premise is the same, the only difference is that we are joining you on Zoom or any other virtual meeting platform to graphic record! Take a look at our visual created for Neil Pasricha’s keynote speech for the AC Engage (Algonquin College) was a real look into how we can change our behaviours to make happiness more attainable. We are so often caught up in our daily habits of checking our devices, running around doing our daily errands and task that we don’t take the time to slow down. Starting with a “Two Minute Morning” where you recite “I will let go of…”, “I am grateful for..” and “I will focus on…”. These are simple tools that we can insert into our routines. And, what about picking up a new hobby? Think of something you’ve always wanted to do – or even something you are afraid of? Why not?! This can really open up your world to new possibilities!

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