Toronto World interRAI

We were pleased to be part of the first World interRAI forum in Toronto! I had done some work with CIHI this past year, and had the opportunity to meet John Hirdes. I was delighted that Dr. Hirdes and the OHA reached out to have their plenaries visualized by ThinkLink!

This conference brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from around the globe, using the interRAI system of instruments in community and home care, residential/long-term care, acute care, assisted living, mental health and palliative care. These evidence-based electronic instruments capture client/patient assessment information that is used to support care planning and delivery, quality improvement, health system management and policy development.

Erica Bota stepped in on Day 2 and created wonderful ‘towers’ of some of the highlights from participants, from social media and the presentations. It added another level to the visual gallery that we created! What a fabulous group to work with!