GRIP Video

Since 2011, ThinkLink has been creating fast draw animation videos for all different kinds of clients. We started in Toronto, working with Reframe Health and the Dr. Mike Evans team, creating a video called 23 and a half hours which just recently broke 4 million hits.

Since 2011, we have been very busy with these types of videos. We have worked with many companies, government agencies, not for profits and non-profits to help people share their message in a dynamic and interesting way. This kind of video can be used for anything from training videos, commercials, PSAs or short explainer videos. And as we evolve, there will be new methods and new ways to use them.

One of our favourite projects was working with a UK organization called Cello Health, in collaboration with the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (or GRIP).

GRIP is helping to spread the word about inappropriate antibiotic use globally. We created a character for them named Bob, a blocky little guy we created just for them! Bob, when trying to decide about over the counter remedies or antibiotics, gets an explanation about which kinds of illnesses require antibiotics and which don’t.

This is an important message to spread, as antibiotics are not always required but are often prescribed.

In 2016, we invented a new character, named Bob Jr. The newest video is about helping parents to understand what to do when their children get a cold or flu and provide them with some information on understanding antibiotic use.

Overall,  The GRIP videos are spreading an important message about antibiotic use. You can watch the original video below.