HPEDSB Visual Map

I was doing some work for the Students as Researchers for MSAC in the Spring of 2015. I had such a great time working with the students on visualizing their ideas about the future of education. Many of the students helped me come up with ideas on what to draw for the themes, and some even helped to colour the image!

While I was at this conference I met some teachers from Hastings and Prince Edward District school board. We talked about how we could visualize the competencies that each graduate attains while in the HPEDSB school system! These competencies are important to for the students to be successful in the future — especially for their continued journeys to Post Secondary schools, and the workforce.

We had several iterations of this Visual Map, and in the end we came up collectively with the best framework to represent these competencies. Our Graduates: Globally Minded Learners and Leaders! I love the title — and I loved working with this wonderful team at HPEDSB.


Here’s an image of the final graphic. We also created on that had icons to represent each competency — and could be used to navigate to different areas on their website.